Although the string of comments at the bottom of December 1st blog item “Perfect Mommy Syndrome in LA Private Elementary Schools” seems civilized, that’s only because much of the vitriol was moderated out by “Beyond the Brochure” Blogspot owner Christina Simon. The attachment of Mayim Bialik and Gisele Bundchen photos to the funny rundown of pretend-perfect schoolyard mom types apparently angered fans of the celebrities.

Reflecting a month later on the resulting brouhaha, which also included a published response from Bialik and media coverage at E! Online, Simon shares a predictable coda. Her December 3rd follow-up outlining a commensurate, down-to-earth Topanga Canyon mom routine was greeted with complete blogosphere silence. Recalls Simon:

They had no idea who they were attacking. They didn’t know I lived the life they want their children to live! I left a comment on Holistic Mom’s Network saying I found it interesting that as soon as their membership learned about my upbringing they fell silent…

So, if you blog about a celebrity, even a D-list actress, please be aware they may go after you through their surrogates. That’s OK. It’s made me have a thicker skin.

In this, the 20th anniversary year of Jerry Springer, that’s a good thing.